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All New,
Steak Bites

black sheep foods doodle

All New,
Steak Bites

Crispy. Juicy. Fatty.

All new plant-based Steak Bites deliver on taste, texture and price.
No soy, no binders. High Protein, low carb, great taste.

Taste + Price

Taste and price are the two most important considerations for consumers. Our new Steak Bites deliver on both because of our proprietary processes and our relentless focus to improve. Plant-based doesn’t need to be just burgers and nuggets, and it doesn’t need to be high priced. Add Steak Bites today and deliver to your customers what they want: Taste and Price.

black sheep foods doodle

As Seen on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives...

Take a peek at our featured dish at Nic's on Beverly in LA, loved by Guy Fieri himself!!

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Built by Plants

Brick by tasty (molecular) brick.

+ Beets

for color


for juiciness

+ Bamboo

for bite


for taste


for protein

eat all about it

Black Sheep
In the Wild

Untame your tastebuds. Whether you have Black Sheep Lamb prepared as a classic burger or fancy ragu, you'll finish your meal asking: 'beef who?'.
We pledge allegiance to delicious meat.

flavor freedom

"When will your product be available in store? I have so many things I want to make! Love your product."

Ayesha Curry (yes, that Ayesha 🏀👸🏽)

"This stuff is legit better than the regular lamb. I want more... I also kind of want to invest. Well played for real."

Mike S.

"I was honestly shocked when I had the lamb pasta... the flavor was so realistic that I was almost not into it. It was gamey! That said, I gobbled up every last bit.

Daniel C.

"I accidentally ordered the black sheep plant-based sandwich. I love lamb and did not fully read it was plant based, but it did not disappoint me! Delicious."

Elizabeth H.

Eat the Best

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Black Sheep Foods near you

black sheep foods doodle

the Best

Unleash flavor freedom for
your kitchen and your business.

global gains

For every lb of
Black Sheep Lamb,
you're saving...

black sheep foods doodle

For every lb of
Black Sheep Lamb,
you're saving...

You already know this. What you eat matters. You have the power to transform your experience on this planet and our shared environment. Go wild.