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Black Sheep Lamb® can be prepared the same way as any conventional ground meat. Shape, season, refreeze, saute, or grill it – whatever your chefs fancy.

The only difference? Black Sheep Lamb has less product shrinkage, cooks in 1/3 the time, and works for all diets

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½ Americans are now eating more plant-based

Half of Americans now identify as Flexitarians, meaning that they eat plants-based dishes more often than they eat animal-based ones.

½ Americans are now eating more plant-based

79% of Millennials + Gen Z Order Plant-Based Regularly

Tap into this appetite and drive up order frequency!

79% of Millennials +  Gen Z Order Plant-Based Regularly

Hits Dietary Desires

Black Sheep Lamb is high protein, low cholesterol, gluten-free, soy-free, and made from plants.

Hits Dietary Desires
restaurant love

"Since launching Black Sheep Foods' product in our restaurants last year, we've been seriously impressed with its integration into our menu and the overwhelmingly positive response from our many loyal guests. For us, it really needs to be right in order to add a new protein option to our menu. And it is."

Founder + CEO @ Souvla

"Easy to cook with, and we see repeat customers. Black Sheep Lamb does really sell!"

Operators @ Plantega NYC

“I add my own spices to Black Sheep Lamb, and transform it cross-cuisine. There is a dimension of play with this product.”

Chef de Cuisine @ ROOH

"I used [Black Sheep Lamb] in our house lamb kebabs and the repsonse I have gotten from people, are that they are blown away."

Chef @ Sky Cafe
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